Singer and Songwriter, Krystle McConico, has traveled all over the globe lending her musical talents to some of the industry’s best and brightest. From vocal backing for the Grammy winning Kelly Rowland to the Grammy winning Israel and New Breed, her heart has moved to embark on a journey of her own. With her new single, “Give A Little Love” and upcoming album due Fall 2014, she plans to leave a mark for the next generation to follow.

“I recognize how God has used grace and this unconditional love throughout each opportunity extended to me to stretch and mold me. I’m truly grateful for how He’s ‘orchestrating’ my life,” she giggles.

On television, her vocals were featured on ABC’s 2007 series Clash of the Choirs where she led Kelly Rowland’s choir singing, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” for different charities across United States. Shortly after, she’d become a short-termed background vocalist for Rowland’s tour in Germany and England.

On record, Krystle has been fortunate to feature as a vocalist on the Lakewood Kids Life Worship album, the Hart Ramsey & NCC debut album, and also Israel Houghton & New Breed’s Grammy winning album, Jesus at the Center.

Being granted opportunities to sing on the albums of gospel music great and Stellar award winning, Kurt Carr, Dove Award winning, Cindy Cruse Ratcliff, Daniel Johnson, Nakitta C. Foxx, Preshea Hilliard, Anointed, Jason Nelson and the Lakewood Worship Team have all influenced her not only musically, but spiritually as well.

Born and raised in Milledgeville, Georgia as then, Krystle Harper, she decided to step out on faith and relocate to Houston, Texas. With a deep desire to sing of her strengthening relationship with Christ, in the summer of 2013, “Starting the Soundtrack,” was released as her first, digital EP and solo venture. Funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign, Krystle set out to reveal what had been hidden in her heart. “I knew it was time to step up to the plate in a way I never had before and just start this process,” Krystle explains. Completing an EP, church duties, maintaining relationships, planning her wedding, work travel and grandmother in the hospital brought about many challenges and growing pains for her. “I had to constantly remind myself of God’s unconditional love. That was actually my starting and breaking point every time; just the thought of His love for me so that I could live to experience a full life,” she reflects. After those reminders and spending time with God, gratitude heightened then added strength to carry out each task set before her.

“Starting the Soundtrack,” was co-produced by Willie Garcia. The soothing sound of “Captivating,” the dynamics of “God is Love,” and the love song “You’re the 1,” encompasses the story-telling lyrics of one searching for, finding and then one walking hand in hand with God. Along with fresh a mix of soft textures and harmony, the album’s musical creativity reflects a new sound to the ear. A sound shaped by all of her work influences as well as impressions from her favorites: Stevie Wonder, The Beatles and Aretha Franklin.

Krystle took her EP to the world as far as the United Kingdom. It was there that the call to continue the declaration of love increased all the more. “The day I landed in the UK to spread the EP around, I got the call that Granny went to be with the Lord. I wanted to come back home immediately, but I felt in my heart she’d be disappointed that I didn’t complete the mission there. I could seriously hear her high pitched voice saying something like, “Well, whatchu’ go all the way over there for if you’re gonna turn around and come right back?! I’m alright!” I still get sad when I think of her, but now, and even later that day, I remember having so much peace about her finally being able to rest.” During the remainder of her UK tour, she felt God’s love as He used her surroundings to encourage her. At each stop, she thought of how God used her Granny as “The Good Samaritan” in the lives of people at her church and in her community. How she gave love inspired Krystle to “Give a Little Love” right where she was.

She further explains, “Considering the full album’s overall sound, which is wide and I love that! …The sole mission is to carry out my responsibility to impact people’s lives for Christ’s glory. Each song has a theme of love & motivation to either believe with unending belief, to shine bright, to adore God, and/or to be really honest with Him. This album, contemporary and soul-infused as it is, will make a big impact on the hearts that are far from God and hopefully encourages, the ones that know Him, to get closer. I pray people would hear the transparency and heartbeat of these songs and know they don’t have to have it all together to come to Jesus. His love can pour freely into every open space in your heart and restore you again and again.”

In addition to ministering at different churches, arenas, studios, theaters, and conferences across the world, God opened another outlet for her to share His love through Higher Dimension Church assisting as worship leader and vocal director. “It’s been great! Taking on this position in a church wasn’t something I ever strived for, but it is definitely one I was called into! It’s much more than singing a few songs during a service, but that’s what I enjoy!” She loves the undertaking of local ministry work, investing her time, serving, encouraging and praying for others.